This is a quokka aka

* also honorary app spokesmodel


The feel-good vibe of the quokka inspired us to make an app that is good for people and the planet.

QuokkApp uses the latest science to offer stunning, expertly curated nature videos to promote positive emotions and well-being.

Win-win  bonus: We support wildlife charities to give back

Ready to reset your brain & feel good?
You'll love our content.

Over time, positive emotions can actually our brains

The app’s stunning wildlife and nature content is curated to bypass boredom, busy thoughts & mindless scrolling so the emotional brain can shift attention and mood – FAST.

The result?

QuokkApp sets positive feelings in motion to start a new, feel-good feedback loop.

Watch the video to see a sample of what QuokkApp has to offer.


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Changing how we feel has never been so 
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Learn how QuokkApp works to help you feel good & meet your self-care goals

3 easy steps. Boom.

Step 1 – ask how you feel now

Step 2: choose a mood from app menu

Step 3: Watch video for how you want to feel